Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bastion's 7: Slipcase Limited Edition: Khary Randolph / Sean Galloway Variant

Bastion's 7: Slipcase

 (Limited Edition Khary Randolph / Sean Galloway Variant)
Created by Sean Galloway

Contains both B7 Book 1 and B7 Companion Book 1

 High-flying heroes. Mutating monsters. A boy. His "Kung-Fu Guide 
to WATAAAAAAAH!" An uncanny love for pan fried dumplings. The world 
is upside down and crumbling. Battleships float in the air. Lawlessness 
rules the land. But there to maintain order, defend the weak, battle 
the bad guys and rebuild the planet is the organization known as 
Bastion's 7. In the midst of the chaos and mayhem is a boy who wants 
to be a hero himself, in search of his destiny, in search of a family...

Book 1 and Companion Book 1 preview

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